Streaming of the Festival

Access to streaming is free, however your donation is very important to allow this service. You can access the streaming for the 3 days that the festival lasts. You can also see it on deferred until August 23.

Medicine’s Music Festival

The Medicine‘s Music Festival borned in 2014 thanks to the convergence of two great dreams.

The first, to return to art and especially to music this sacred dimension that allows not only to heal but also to transform lives and generate awareness.

The second was to seek permanent funding for the Wiñaypaq Intercultural School ( that provides free education to 80 children in Pisac, Cusco. Watch Video of the Wiñaypaq School

The school is sustained only with the support of friends who make possible the dream of our students to have an education in accordance with their culture and with the values ​​of love and gratitude to our Pachamama.

Our intention is that this Music Festival becomes the main support of the school. All artists participate for free and all proceeds are donated in full to support the work of the school.

The children of the School actively participate in the festival with an exhibition of Andean food, their school work and a stage play.

In 2016 took place the second Medicine’s Music Festival with more than 30 artists, managing to finance a large part of the school's annual budget.

In this third festival the goal is to achieve financing for the entire school year and for that we need your help: assisting to the festival, donating, buying the streaming or helping us spread the word.

What is Medicine’s Music

Medicine’s Music is a rediscovered concept that comes from the origins of art, when the main mission of this was to heal and not to accumulate money.

The function of art is not only "fun" or "distract" but fundamentally re-creative and pedagogical, being essentially an instrument of healing and a great help for the development of consciousness.

We also consider that it’s a good time to bring together many people who agree on proposing a new model of life, a real alternative of change, walking with more awareness and respect to our Mother Earth.

III Medicine’s Music Festival

The III Medicine’s Music Festival will take place in the Community of Huandar, District of Pisac, Cusco, Peru, from 27 to 29 of July 2018. We will continue to count on the support of the best national and international artists of this musical genre. It will be an unforgettable encounter.

More than 20 hours of music created and performed by the best representative artists who have made the melody a true path to consciousness.

In addition to the music we will offer the following activities:

  • Various exhibitions
  • Workshops on agroecology, bio-gardens and raw food
  • Vegetarian food of the Pisaq region
  • Traditional drinks of corn, barley and amaranth
  • Yoga

We will enjoy three days of medicine’s music and wonderful encounters, while the students will be able to count on the budget that will finance another year of studies.

In the first festival (2014) was planted a seed that didn’t take long to bear fruit: several festivals in different parts of the world continued the mission of spreading music as a healing art. Help us to make music a part of the transformation of our world.

Again the power of music, medicine and service united to support the education of the students of our school WIÑAYPAQ



Musicians participants in the Medicine’s Music Festival

We are preparing a large poster of artists for the III Medicine’s Music Festival ... and we will have many more!

Official Ceremonies

Within the framework of the Medicine’s Music Festival we are organizing two large ayahuasca ceremonies which will lead together to several of the ceremonial guides convened.

The first one wiil be on Wednesday 25 of July before the start of the festival asking permission to heaven and earth to hold the festival in the best way. The second one will be on Monday 30 of July to thank the wonderful opportunity that has given us to meet and pray through the music.

All the economic collaboration received during these ceremonies will be destined to support the project "Amazonian conservation area Bahuaja". This new project located in front of the Tambopata National Reserve, in Madre de Dios (Peru), is dedicated to the conservation and sowing of medicinal plants. Due to the magnitude of the event we need to coordinate in advance with all those interested in participating in the ceremonies. Please, for more information and registration you can write to:

For national transfers: Banco Continental del Perú BBVA Account No. 0011-0200- 02- 00462456 Interbank Code 011-200- 000200462456-31

From abroad (account in dollars): 0011-0200- 31-0200462456, SWIFT BBVA CONTINENTAL: BCONPEPL, Address: Banco Continental, Av. El Sol 366 Cusco - Perú

Donations will be rewarded with CDs, posters, tickets and other gifts. For more information, see the "Donations" section.

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The contribution for the three days is $ 40. The contribution for each day separately is $ 15. You can pay with a bank card or through PayPal using the "Buy Now" button.

You can also make your contribution the same day at the door of the festival.

To enter the festival take the receipt of the purchase or a photo of the voucher.


This year we will have a space to camp with tents, the cost per night will be $ 5 per person. In addition, Pisac has a wide range of accommodation (hostels, hotels, campsites). You can search for more information through Google or through our Facebook Page.


Due to the nature of the event most of the funding for the festival depends mainly on donations. So even if you can not come, you can support us by making a donation and being part of the festival.

In addition, according to your contribution we offer you the following rewards:

  • For donating $ 20: Special thanks and mention on the festival website
  • For donating $ 40: Entrance to the 3-day festival
  • For donating $ 50: All the above plus the last CD of Alonso del Río "Amar la Vida"
  • For donating $ 100: All of the above plus a limited edition of the festival poster
  • For donating $ 200: All the above plus a personalized edition of the festival poster, autographed by all musicians. Free entrance to the festival.
  • For donating $ 500 or more: All the above plus 5 medicine’s music CDs to choose, limited edition of the festival DVD.